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General Questions Regarding Your Exam

If I need to cancel or re-schedule my exam, how much advance notice do I need to give?

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call our toll free line at 877-922-5111 and allow us at least 24 hour notice. We will gladly reschedule your appointment at a time more convenient for you.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

– If you are claustrophobic, that is not a problem. We have OPEN MRI and Semi-open facilities designed especially for individuals who require more space during their exam. For most OPEN MRI machines, you are not enclosed in a tube-like structure, the sides are completely open. Please feel free to mention this and we will be sure to accommodate  your needs.

– Some patients may require sedation prior to exam, please consult your physician in this regards for a prescription. In case you may need to take medication, we require that a friend or family member accompany you as the medication may cause drowsiness.

– We also have Stand-Up MRI facilities which are more easily tolerated in patient who are claustrophobic.

How do I prepare for my MRI exam?

– For most MRI exams, there is no preparation required. There are no limitations on eating or drinking prior to your exam, unless the exam requires contrast injection. However, it is very important to know that since MRI exams run on magnetic power, patients are screened prior to the exam to make sure they don’t have any metal implants that may interfere with the procedure. Patients that have pacemakers can not have an MRI.  We ask that you dress comfortably. You may be asked to wear a patient gown and for certain you will have to remove all metal items prior to entering scanner. This includes (but is not limited to): coins, watches, credit cards, cell phones, earrings, piercings, pens, belts, hair clips etc.

– For Arthrogram procedures, patients need to allow at least 2 hours for exam. Certain other restrictions and preparations also apply, please consult with your physician.

How do I prepare for my CT scan Exam?

Most CT examinations, DO require preparation, however, the preparation differs depending on the study.  For instance, for CT of the abdomen, patients are asked to not eat or drink 4-6 hours prior to their exam especially if contrast material is used.  If contrast is needed,  we will need a copy of your recent blood work (including BUN and creatinine levels). Also please inform your physician of any known allergies that may interfere with CT contrast. For CT of the pelvis, patients are asked to drink 8-10 glasses of water prior to the exam.  Please be sure to ask us for exact preparation details required for your particular exam.

Are there any limitations on having an MRI?

Yes, if you have any of the following, then you may NOT have an MRI exam:

A.    Cardiac pacemaker or implantable defibrillator

B.     Catheter that has metal components that may pose a risk of a burn injury

C.     A ferromagnetic metal clip placed to prevent bleeding from an intracranial aneurysm

D.    An implanted medication pump (such as that used to deliver insulin or a pain-relieving drug)

E.     A cochlear (inner ear) implant


How will I get my test results?

Your exam images will be examined, evaluated and diagnosed by one of our many board certified radiologists. They will then produce a medical report within 24-48 hours of your exam which will be sent to your physician. Your Physician will then go over these results with you and discuss possible treatment options.

What If I can not afford to have an MRI or CT scan?

At Shicare Radiology, we understand that MRI and CT scan procedures may be costly, therefore if you do not have insurance or if your insurance will not cover these exams, our staff will work closely with you to help provide special patient discounts that may be more feasible for your needs.  We also have payment plans available.